Mihai MICEA elected Head of Department

February 2nd, 2016

Micea_Cretu-50th_Anniversary_DCTIProfessor Dr. Habil. Eng. Mihai V. MICEA has been elected, with a large majority of votes, Head of the Department of Computer and Information Technology.

Professor Micea follows as the department chair, to professor Dr. Eng. Vladimir CREŢU (right side in the image), which has been Head of Department for the previous consecutive 24 years (1992-2016), with outstanding results on the development of the department. While professor Alexandru ROGOJAN is being considered the forefather and founder of the department, in 1966, professor Creţu is the actual architect of the present days DCTI, as an elite department of the Politehnica University Timisoara and one of the top departments in the field in Romania.

The Department Management Plan for the 2016-2020 interval, proposed by professor Micea as candidate of the department chair, is available here (RO language).